Finding Short-Term Rentals in Toronto

When it comes to finding the best short term rentals Toronto furnished apartments, you will need to know exactly what to do. There are a lot of places that you can stay for a few months in this city, but you don’t want to select just any of them. It is a good idea to do your research so that you don’t have any regrets at all later on.

Reviewing Rental Ads

These days there are many different places where you can find ads for short term furnished apartments, including social media. When you go on Facebook, there are lots of listings for many different properties in Toronto. You can also go to websites that have thousands of apartment listings. Take the time to go through these ads and listings before deciding which ones to visit. Pay close attention to the details of each listing so you aren’t just wasting your time.

Meet with the Landlord

You should make a point of meeting with the landlord of each property that you are interested in. This way you will know what kind of person is in charge of the property before you decide to make a commitment with one in particular. The last thing you should do is to select a certain place to stay before you meet and speak with the landlord. Ask this person any questions you may have so that you feel completely satisfied by the end of the meeting.

Why Stay in Apartments?

If you are planning to travel to Toronto for business, getting a short-term furnished apartment is the best option you have. There are lots of different apartments that offer month-to-month leases, and many of them are quite luxurious. This is a far cheaper option than staying in a hotel for however many months you will be staying here. Lots of people who are working in this city for an extended period of time end up renting these apartments. Furnished apartments are especially nice because of how they will save you the time and frustration of picking out furniture. This can also be a much cheaper option than unfurnished apartments.

Choosing the Right Area

Toronto is a pretty enormous city, so you will therefore need to decide on the right area to rent in. It’s always a good idea to rent close to wherever you will be working, but this is not always possible. The more central the location is, the more you are likely going to pay. There are, however, lots of nice apartments in beautiful neighborhoods for reasonable amounts. You will just need to decide how important it is that you are very close to your work.

If you are going to commute to work each day, you need to consider how close your apartments are going to be to the nearest highway or public transportation spot. Whether you plan on driving or taking the bus, the location of your new apartments is something to bear in mind.


There is always the option of subletting, which basically means renting out the apartment of someone who is out of town for a while. If someone cannot use their place but doesn’t want to cancel their lease, they might sublet to others. This can be an ideal option, because the furniture and everything else you need is already there. Just make sure that you rent from the right person and get everything in writing. You don’t want to do any off-the-books deals when renting an apartment, as it could blow up in your face if the person decides to come back home early.

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